SIS MUCKISH AWESOME, IE041993901678F, DGI1701678, TX18976

Texel (100%), Pedigree , 29-JAN-2017, R5 (92%) T5 (93%), Twin

SIS eligible on 18-JUN-2024? Yes

Current EuroStars (Published On: 17-JUN-2024)

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NSIS IE041993901678F
Pedigree ID DGI1701678
Flock Name MUCKISH
Animal Name AWESOME
Birth Date 29-JAN-2017
Birth Rank TWIN
Breed Texel (100%)
Sex Male
Pedigree Status Pedigree
Genotyped? Yes
Genomic Evaluation? Yes
Scrapie Status ARR/ARR
Scrapie Type 1
DNA Sire Verified Yes


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Farmer is not a LambPlus member